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Custom Software Solutions
Tailored to Your Business

Implementing solutions to real business problems

Experienced staff, constant communication, strong leadership, predictable results.

Our goal is to earn the opportunity to serve by proving ourselves every day.

Founded in 2003 by ex-“Big 5” partners, Volia is a U.S. company, headquartered in Houston, Texas, with highly experienced staff in Ukraine, Poland, and across Eastern Europe.

Custom Software Solutions
for Direct Clients

Custom Software Solutions for Direct Clients

Amplify business value, improve productivity, and optimize costs. Make use of Volia’s experience.

Custom Software Development

Custom software solutions ensure your competitive advantages are supported. Partnering with highly experienced software development professionals affords the opportunity to deliver secure, quality software on time and within planned budget.

Application Integration, Product Customization

Whether you need to integrate with or customize the products you are using, Volia has tremendous experience quickly understanding the products involved and developing reliable integration solutions between systems. Whether it is real-time or schedule-based, behind the firewall or via the Internet.

Quality Control

Would you like to decrease the burden of repeatable testing software delivered by the development teams? Volia offers comprehensive services for automated and manual quality control of the deliverables. This saves valuable time for business domain experts during acceptance testing, will shorten the release cycle, and will increase the level of end user satisfaction.

IT Consulting

Our highly qualified network and system administrators can help your organization tune the security and performance of your servers and networks. And ongoing maintenance, backups, and patches will keep the system operating “like new” for years into the future.

Application, System and Network setup, optimization, management and hosting

Volia offers quality reliable services for remotely supporting running applications, operating systems and networks for our clients. We tackle issue resolution, scheduled maintenance, setup, routine automation and manual work. We deliver support services on customer hardware or on our own hardware in a world class datacenter where we share discounts with clients due to scale. Whether 7 X 24 X 365 or simply periodic support, we are confident we have a plan to address your needs.

Commercial Software Products
for Technology Companies

Commercial Software Products for Technology Companies

Software companies trust Volia to develop their products. We invite you to build a long-term synergy with Volia.

Product development

Volia has decades of experience developing commercial software products. We work with industry leaders and the newest startups to provide technical services and support at service levels not available just anywhere. Customers have access to all Volia methods, processes, standards, servers, infrastructure, and tools should they wish. Alternatively, we are delighted to use yours and will easily adapt to your processes and tools. Having these foundational elements in place “Day 1” permits the concentration of mutual efforts on features and functionality, security and quality, and timeline and budget.

Application framework development

The business application framework makes applications robust and easily extendable by separating infrastructure components and services from business components. Volia brings tremendous experience building application frameworks that support security, configurability, metadata, scalability, upgrades without interruption to the application system, monitoring, maintenance, business rules, and other services.

Product Customization, Application Integration

Product company software developers should better spend time developing new product features versus developing customizations or product integrations targeting just one client. Volia has the resources, experience, processes, and tools to quickly understand the product integration and customization points allowing us to cost-efficiently implement customizations for your clients. Product companies will see increased customer satisfaction and clients won’t have to wait in the endless queue to see their requests in production. Implementing customer requested customizations go from unwanted distraction to an additional source of revenue.

Quality Control, Product Certification

Volia offers a comprehensive service to automate quality assurance making software testing a repeatable function. Delivering already tested code will save valuable time for business domain experts on acceptance testing, will shorten the release cycle, and will help increase the satisfaction level for end users.

Product Alpha Testing

Volia offers a cost-efficient service for materially testing alpha product releases simulating literally dozens of users.

Partnering with IT Organizations
and Consultants

Partnering with IT Organizations and Consultants

With Volia engineers on your teams, you will be a captain of a strong crew, deliver on promises made, and multiply your odds for success.

Power Developer

Empower your organization through the Volia Power Developer program. Volia is delighted to work with IT consultants who now get exponentially more work from their clients and deliver quality results much faster. Partner companies can concentrate on gathering and managing requirements, working on acceptance of the results, and having a good time building great and beneficial relationships with happy clients.

Independent Code Review and Architecture Development

Want to make sure you deliver the best solutions for your clients? Want to impress your support organization with high-quality code? Want to reap the reward for outstanding architecture? Let us initiate a Volia Code Review and Architecture Development service for you!

Application hosting and management

You have just finished implementing an application for your client. Learn how you can both bring strong value and create a revenue stream. Volia can either “own” or help support the ongoing application hosting, application maintenance, and solution management function.

Technically “fearless” and highly knowledgeable.

No task is too large, too small, or too complex.

Developing web applications is our passion. Having delivered literally hundreds of web solutions across technical platforms and industries, we are prepared to help you in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Your solution will offer the proper infrastructure, architecture, technology stack, design, and other decisions. Hence, the process will be smooth and easy.

More and more, most of us are using mobile devices to access different services. Today having a mobile app is essential and increases the number of potential users/clients/subscribers. We will help you to develop best-in-class mobile solutions focused on an outstanding user experience.

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. In 2021, it was estimated that more than 455 million websites were using WordPress. It is free, it is open-source, offers plugins for just about everything, and has a lengthy list of additional benefits. We will help you realize simple and advanced WordPress projects, choose a theme, set up infrastructure, integrate your website with other services, and install or even develop custom plugins.

Application integration enables independently designed applications to work together. It is typically done with the use of APIs. We have great experience with different types of application integration for different purposes. We help our clients have control of different types of data and services in one place. Integrating your application with another may increase your capabilities exponentially and save significant effort for new development.

Volia offers dedicated teams of experienced, qualified software engineers to help you increase your capacity, improve performance, and save money. We have 20 years of experience staffing IT projects. We know what it takes and we will provide you with smart, highly motivated personnel from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries at a reasonable cost.

We analyze high-level business requirements and help determine stakeholder needs. We break the project into phases, define the minimum viable product (MVP) to prove the idea, and estimate required effort accurately. Our staff can help with prototyping to visualize stakeholder expectations and define the optimal infrastructure and architecture. This phase is essential for most projects to help investors make the right decisions early in the development life-cycle – saving material time and money later on.

Users no longer tolerate applications with poor user interfaces. They expect only the best user experience. If a goal is to ensure user engagement and retention, you must invest in proper UI/UX design. We are prepared to share our experience gained from two decades to create incredible, best-in-class applications for you.

It is critical to make the right decisions on software architecture before development commences. This fact is difficult to overestimate. Making wrong architecture choices early may result in problems that can’t be overcome without expensive re-coding of some or even all of the application in the future. Our experience will help to identify the most optimal architecture design and specify the necessary technologies, frameworks, software, and tools for your project.

While most companies try to make tests pass, Volia has a philosophy that successful tests find defects. Establishing continuous quality control is essential in order to find and correct bugs and avoid future issues like crashes. We use QA to minimize development time through proper manual testing and test automation. The only goal is to launch production ready products that delight users.

Volia offers high-quality reliable services to remotely support live applications, operating systems, and networks for our clients. Typical activities include issue identification and resolution, scheduled maintenance, setup, routine automation, and frequently manual work. We can deliver support services on either the customer’s hardware or on our own. We work with first-class datacenters where appropriate and will extend any savings we are able to garner on a client’s behalf.

  • .NET
  • C#
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Django
  • Flask
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Spring
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
  • Next
  • Typescript
  • React native
  • Flutter
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Unity
  • Objective-C
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • Cassandra
  • AWS
  • MS Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Jenkins

We care about our clients
like a family doctor

  • 20+ years
  • serving clients globally
  • 100+
  • satisfied customers
  • 1000+
  • successful implementations

Our advantage is the unique combination of quality, service, and cost our clients receive.


Customer: Cloudcroft

Platforms: Web stack

Technologies: Python, Numpy, Flask, Swagger API, LibreOffice engine, SQL Alchemy, Alembic, Angular, PostgreSQL, Auth0, Stripe, AWS

Team: 7 team members at different project stages

Duration: 7 months

Cloudcroft engaged Volia Software to launch the LNG Companion Suite under as Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. The productivity tools bring features such as LNG custody measurement, production planning, tank level management, and delivery plan simulation into the digital age. Read more

Project: eCommerce and Order Fulfillment Systems Integration
Project: eCommerce and Order Fulfillment Systems Integration

Customer: Major Marketing Services Provider

Platforms: Web

Technologies: .Net 4.8, MSSQL, MSMQ

Team: 5 team members at different stages

Duration: 5+ years

A custom integration solution for one of the leaders in Marketing Services.

The work began as a pilot delivered within six weeks. Today, the project provides dozens of centers with enhanced order fulfillment workflow. This has enabled “corporate” to monitor and support the centers for more than 5 years.

Being a cog in a huge machine, our service has successfully translated and forwarded more than 300,000 orders with enterprise-level reliability. Our team continues to support and update the solution, introducing new features and optimizing the architecture.

Project: National eCommerce Solution
Project: National eCommerce Solution

Customer: Print Industry Leader

Platforms: Web

Technologies: JavaScript, React, PHP8, MySQL, .Net 4.8, MSSQL

Team: 5 team members

Duration: 6 months to delivery with ongoing maintenance and support.

Complex, sophisticated eCommerce solution with product design tool integration for a print industry leader.

In pursuit of business unification and optimization, we developed an online store solution which collects, processes, and distributes orders among locations all over the United States.

While having a huge list of technical limitations, related to a few mandatory legacy components present in the solution, we successfully delivered a modern eCommerce site, including a search function for the nearest fulfillment center, proper revenue sharing, taxation, and reporting. While the client is delighted with the initial version, we continue to deliver, in coordination with the client, new features and enhancements from the roadmap. The end goal is delivery of a new legacy-free product.

Project: Mako Contracts
Project: Mako Contracts

Customer: Mako Contracts

Platforms: Web

Technologies: .Net Core, Angular, iText7, PostgreSQL, Stripe, AWS, API

Team: 5 team members

Duration: 12 month design to final delivery. Ongoing hosting and support.

Founded by experienced real estate market professionals, Mako Contracts requested our help to build a complex contracting and digital signing solution for the real estate industry. Using a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, the solution contains a number of unique major features. The software itself drives the competitive advantage.

The delivered scope of the Mako Contracts project includes:

  • A complex multi-user survey engine to collect contract details from all parties.
  • A PDF parsing and filling engine, to properly populate the contract drafts with data from the survey.
  • An extensive field mapping engine with logical conditions and formula support.
  • Multi-document support to allow users to automatically add addendums and annex sheets based on the options selected in the survey.
  • A digital signature toolset allowing all parties to sign the contract within the system without using expensive 3rd-party solutions.
  • MLS integration to import new offers and related details directly from the listing systems.
  • Stripe payments integration to manage and check subscription plans.
  • Marketing landing page.
  • AWS hosting configuration, deployments and domain name maintenance.

Project: TraxSales
Project: TraxSales

Customer: TraxSales UI modernization

Platforms: Web

Technologies: ASP .Net, .Net Core, React, MSSQL, Twilio, AWS, Figma

Team: 4 team members

Duration: Ongoing since 2017

Operating since 1996, TraxSales is a pioneer in retail customer counting and sales representative allocation.

Volia Software is their exclusive software development partner, helping with new feature development and ongoing support from 2017 to date.

Among many other features delivered, the most significant include a salesperson texting service (powered by Twilio) and gradual application transition from the outdated tech stack to a new API-based SPA with a modern, yet convenient UI/UX.

The texting service allows businesses to communicate with customers in a safe and organized manner. Each sales representative has their own virtual phone number and the system maintains the entire communication history.

Volia Software also managed the UpBoard module update to a new UI and modern technologies starting from requirements gathering, through the mockups and clickable prototype created in Figma, all the way to the finished solution deployed to customers servers.

Literally hundreds of other minor and mid-sized enhancement and support requests were fulfilled within the agreement timeline and budget.

Project: ABC PMA
Project: ABC PMA

Customer: Armadillo Blast Coat Inc.

Platforms: Web

Technologies: PHP, React, MySQL, PDF Transformer, AWS

Team: up to 6 team members at different project stages

Duration: Development, support and enhancement is ongoing since 2016

ABC PMA (Armadillo Blast Coat Project Management Application) is a proprietary software solution that is internally used by our client to manage their work orders, customers, employees and finances.

ABC PMA provides a convenient way to enter, manage and search the vital data to effectively manage a repair shop.

Main features:

  • Work Order management
  • Quotes creation and approval
  • Dashboard to overview active work orders
  • Customer & Vendor management
  • Employee allocation to WOs
  • Time tracking by person, activity and work order
  • Materials and supplies management
  • Human Resources panel
  • Reports

ABC PMA dashboard allows you to see the current status for all active work orders and change their stage with a simple drag’n’drop. You can see if the work order has any files attached, if it requires Quality Control documents and if those were provided or not. Time tracking tool is optimized for a shop use, with huge buttons and convenient way to start/pause/stop the clock and track the time spend for each activity. The HR panel allows to see all employee files, manage the vacations, sick leaves, salary raises and other information in one place. The application is hosted and supported in Volia Software data center.

Project: Pro4orce Connect
Project: Pro4orce Connect

Customer: Pro4orce Logistics Solutions LLC.

Platforms: Web

Technologies: .Net 6, ASP.NET Core, Less, Angular, TypeScript, MS SQL, Twilio API, AWS

Team: up to 7 team members at different project stages

Duration: Development, support and enhancement is ongoing since 2017

Pro4orce Connect® is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that will integrate with, and enhance, your current business processes.

Pro4orce Connect® allows real time communication and access to your jobs, resources, projects, customers, vendors, materials, and equipment inventory – Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device.

Among all different delivered by Volia Software features the main are:

  • Work order (jobs) management
  • Customer & Vendor management
  • Resources allocation and management
  • Materials and asset management
  • Reports generation and distribution
  • Integrated SMS and emails notification system
  • Integration with time clock application

Pro4orce Connect® was created to optimize communication and empower your workforce with simple resource scheduling and dispatch via a drag and drop allocation board. The software provides the ability to create real time job files giving your professionals access to the information needed to act quickly and efficiently and to get the job done right the first time. The solution keeps you informed of all job statuses giving you the ability to increase productivity, job efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.


Smart. Knowledgeable. Skillful.
Complex project?
- Easy for any industry!

Oil & Gas

Use new technologies to achieve the difference between average and excellence, conformity and innovation, standing still or leapfrogging over the competition

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Stay innovative by applying new technologies to production and administration processes; use new technologies for new product creation

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Use new technologies to deliver new value for citizens, streamline processes and increase work efficiency


Automate the workflow – never forget about important things – become more efficient

Banking & Finance

Leverage the latest technologies to stay competitive in fast-changing markets


Leverage new technologies and automation to meet demand in the ever evolving automotive market


IT tools have become a necessity at all levels of athletics – from top administration to the playing field


The role of technology in healthcare is increasing and bringing many advantages – from helping to save lives, improve care, and ease the burden on staff

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Real Estate Construction

Technology is changing across the construction industry – from the way teams work, to increasing logistical efficiency, to better planning for people and assets, to cost optimization

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Technology innovation is the underpin across all successful utilities, be it with infrastructure, planning, financials, and/or delivering energy and water efficiently

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Technology is influencing educational programs, teaching, and learning in a dynamic and innovative way – every day

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Design & Print

The industry is transforming itself by embracing new technologies, streamline ways of meeting customer needs, and remaining robust and relevant as leaders in the digital revolution

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Flexibility. Adaptability. Listening. Traits our clients expect.

Reliable. Dependable. Affordable.
Preventing problems instead of fighting them.

Highly responsive systems and completely dynamic solutions based on interpreted metadata are commonly considered to be contradictory requirements.

The system must be highly flexible, configurable from the core data structure to the business logic to the user interface – all driven by metadata and custom business rules. Will it take ages for the user to see a system response? Maybe. If the implementation team is an ordinary one.

In our case we engineered a Single Page Architecture GUI supported by an optimized data layer based on stored procedures. The middle tier implemented cached security, extension components, flexible external interfaces, and other services.

Our team developed a clear and tested architecture that, when reused, yields a complex, flexible, and configurable system that is highly responsive. Architecture framework reuse and an “all senior” development team allowed us to complete a project with “contradicting” requirements in a relatively short time frame.

Your brilliant analysts propose a most advanced design for the next release, but the dev team dashes the dream with unappetizing time and budget estimates.

A marketing organization wanted a sophisticated, rules driven Content Management System sending customized, polished, and personal letters to literally millions of end customers. The CMS had to support instant audience selection, a hierarchy of inherited document templates, smart data load from the business support system, and document content generation based on business rules and personal data of the end customer.

The system had to be very flexible and configurable, yet at the same time very responsive.

Deadlines were dictated by a large end customer who required this “next big thing.” To our client, the deadline sounded absolutely unrealistic. We were certain we could do it on time and on budget.

  • A productive team of all seniors is smaller in size than traditional team. This decreases communication overhead.
  • Such an experienced team does not require code reviews, close supervision, repetitive requirements explanation, and no rework for sub-optimal solutions.
  • A senior team produces an order of magnitude fewer bugs which drastically shortens the time between code complete and the production release.
  • An all senior team efficiently applies advanced architecture (which may be hard to understand for middle level developers) that decreases the amount of custom code.

The Volia team completed the highly risky and complex task on time and within budget.

Market leaders must protect their gold.

Our client is a leader in the technology industry. Its might is based on a huge database of digitized assets acquired over many years and at great investment. Innovative, thoughtful, and creative, the client needed to augment their teams to support the high pace new product development. Volia was selected as a software development partner to help address the challenge.

However, even when involving external partners the customer had to maintain a policy to protect the assets including highly valuable data, encryption methods, sophisticated security, and proprietary algorithms. A classical remote development approach simply was not going to work.

But where there is a will there is a way. We created a number of protected virtual machines – “developer boxes” configured inside the client’s network with limited, but sufficient access to the client’s environment. In addition, our team members travelled onsite frequently to provide services around the more protected technology components. As a result, our client managed to speed up the new product release times significantly and create a new competitive edge in the marketplace.

When clients ask us to do something, we want to understand the business drivers first. And if we have input toward a better solution, we make suggestions.

A longstanding Volia client sought off the shelf software to track assets in their pipe and joint logistics management business. Volia analyzed a variety of commercially available solutions. We even had our client meet with another customer to discuss a product with a similar architecture we implemented earlier. Ultimately, together, we determined a custom software solution would offer a better fit and a much lower overall cost of ownership. In this manner the client avoided annual maintenance costs, per seat license fees and complex agreements with a specialized software vendor. Additionally, the commercial options lacked required function and had usability problems. The custom solution provided the required functionality, offered usability tailored specifically to the experience and knowledge of field personnel. The solution offered mobile clients for field use supported by a web-based core and back office. In the end the client has a solution they like and own – all for a fraction of the cost of a package.

When vendor teams require specific expertise, adding a rarely used capability on full-time bases often comes at a prohibitive cost.

It is well known that software quality is often determined by the level of expertise in the team that created it. Activities such as architecture design, R&D to determine solutions to complex problems, performance optimization, and even test case development and testing of complicated technology may be better if delivered by the best people. But top expertise may not be required on a continual basis. If top performers are all assigned on a full-time basis, though they might be needed only occasionally, the support cost is simply too high. So Volia implemented a more cost-efficient configuration combining a core team with skills required full-time with hourly access to rare skills that raise the overall team quality. Such an approach affords clients capabilities as if all of the skills are available inside the team, only much cheaper. Through utilization of our “flexible resource” service Volia clients save on overall team costs and have quality solutions to the complex issues that may appear from time to time.

On a Friday night a client realized that the new “must have” feature will not be available the next Monday without loading production data into the DB.

Ideally, the solution and release would have been planned end to end with the software development vendor. In this case, Volia was not involved in the process. Yet we care deeply about our clients, their obligations to third parties, and are passionate about a project’s success.

Our team completed a complex project on time, as planned. The client’s client eagerly awaited solution delivery the following Monday. The important software was thoroughly tested, documented and deployed. The team went home for the weekend with a good feeling of accomplishment.

Then the client’s admins realized that their client used the previous version to fill in production data. For the new release the database structure required significant change. Writing and testing data transformation software would take significant time, especially when accounting for a very complex data structure. With no “Plan B” our client asked us if we could offer any solution to the problem.

Our PM talked to the team and we said yes. The team determined, if staffed around the clock, it could manually merge the databases in a single weekend. And they did it. Both the client, and the client of our client were delighted to receive exactly what they expected.

“This is not our problem.” We do everything we can to help clients achieve their goals.

Our client ordered new smartwatch technology from a manufacturer in Asia. Through our custom software, the watches were designed to communicate with mobile devices via a BlueTooth Low Energy protocol. The vendor failed to implement the protocol library well enough to support the required speed of data transfer, especially given the amount of data requiring transfer, between the smartwatch and the mobile device. The manufacturing vendor insisted there were no issues with the watch. They demonstrated a basic working prototype. But the prototype did not address real life scenarios and in fact proved ten times slower than what was required. Concurrently, our client already accepted a large shipment of watches, launched a large scale advertising campaign, and customer delivery commitments were in place. Indeed the issues were not in our software. But we are “in the trenches” with our customers and want to do everything in our power to ensure a successful market launch. To that end we:

  • Developed a testing framework to quickly identify concrete issues with every new version of the protocol libraries.
  • Organized a fast, repeatable process to test new versions of the protocol libraries.
  • Supported a transparent process enabling our client to monitor progress and push the hardware vendor to correct bugs and resolve performance issues as timely as possible.
  • Continually assessed our software in case accommodations were required.

To meet the deadline, team members put aside evenings, vacations, and weekends to support the recovery and help save the overall project from a very costly failure. In the end, all hardware issues were resolved and the marketplace is enjoying a fantastic new product.

In our view, the more senior developers (i.e., architect level), the better. Each vendor has their own ratio, and for Volia fully 40% of Volia software developers are of a senior level.

Every team at Volia has enough senior level software developers to formulate great solutions, successfully resolve issues of any complexity, solve urgent issues in the shortest time frame, and find efficient solutions to virtually any challenge. At the same time, a balanced team structure and cost advantages allow Volia to deliver our services very competitively.

Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products are especially complex to optimize when system performance becomes unacceptable.

Once the production data of a top tier financial company was loaded into the system, response time significantly degraded. The web forms used most frequently started taking 30 seconds and longer to open or to submit the data.

Through analysis of the issue, we learned that many custom forms and fields were added to the system. Alone, this would not normally present an issue. However, combined with the fact the amount of production data was substantial, the customization caused performance to significantly degrade.

Improving response times was problematic as the system had a complex undocumented database structure, undocumented configuration, and was an ‘off the shelf product’ from a different company. Then it got even worse. With such a large amount of data some of the business functions completely stopped working.

Nevertheless, our “technically fearless” team accepted the challenge and committed themselves to optimizing the database layer in a manner that would not break the system. The goal was to improve the response time to an acceptable level while at the same time have all required business functions start working correctly regardless of the amount of production data.

It took several weeks battling the issue before ending in victory for the client and the Volia team. We not only rewrote some of the database access scripts and reconfigured database tables, but also improved several of the business logic libraries, replacing them with custom developed ones. The system response time improved from 30 seconds or more to more palatable 3-7 seconds for the most frequently used forms, and all the business functions worked flawlessly.

The true full cycle includes more steps than vendors usually offer

Vendors commonly refer to a complete cycle of product development to mean requirements gathering, analysis, specification, project planning, execution, deployment, knowledge transfer, and help with acceptance testing. Volia offers additionally several preliminary steps that precede the “usual” steps and a few more that follow. Additional preceding steps:

  • Participation in the refinement of the business idea.
  • The target market analysis.
  • Definition of scope for the first prototype to test the market and/or technical proof of concept for complex and new solution components.
  • Analysis of the required hosting infrastructure.

Additional following steps:

  • Beta testing with groups of people.
  • Configuration, monitoring, and support of the product in the production environment.
  • Maintenance of the product in all the environments from development, to testing, to staging, and production.
  • Transition to a new release of the system.

If the NDA is not enough, there are more advanced ways to assure IP protection

IP protection is a part of our culture, contracts, and engrained in our people from day one. We’ve never had the slightest issue since inception. But clients want to keep a competitive edge and do have concerns before engagement. They have a fast pace of product portfolio development, need help from software development vendors, require outside expertise and support, and still want to guarantee IP protection at the highest level. Often their market leading positions depend on specific algorithms, data, business logic, or even concepts implemented within their IT systems.

Volia has a lot of “real life” experience doing just that. First, we are a U.S. company so our customers know they have recourse. We’ve implemented physical security at times and distributed the development team on other occasions.

For the latter example, each developer, or small group of developers, deals only with certain system components that are isolated via remote interfaces or stubs instead of a real API. In this way, the IP of the entire system is separated into smaller pieces and no single person or group has access to, or at times even an understanding of, the entire solution. In this manner, using the separation method described above, even clients most cautious about IP feel safe.

What if you were asked to document and deploy a component that was half developed and all the configuration data was hardcoded?

Having earned a “fearless” title when it comes to issues of any technical complexity, Volia was asked to deploy a newly developed component that implemented the data exchange protocol between several complex systems into a staging environment. Additionally we were to develop deployment instructions for the client admins so they could deploy to production.

Volia had not previously been involved at all in this task. Our client lost confidence in the original component developer. They worried it may never be completed. After spending a good amount of time trying to deploy it by themselves, the client also gave up.

Instead of trying to repeat past unsuccessful efforts, our team did a source code review, analyzed requirements, and realized that the component was only partially developed. It did not contain fully half of the required features. Many of the configuration parameters were missing and the remainder was hard coded. There was no way to deploy, even to have it perform minimal functions in any environment other than the environment of the developer.

Following our review, Volia was granted the project to create a “real” integration component. We gathered the missing requirements (quite significant), developed it correctly, and deployed successfully, with deployment instructions for the client’s staging environment.

We value all and everyone

We are a fast growing company constantly looking for passionate, talented, and creative individuals to join our team.

Do you want to work on an interesting project, have work flexibility, and the possibility to make a real impact on what we do and how we do it?
Current opportunities

US Company is searching for a Senior Product Manager.
Join us at our pioneering AI legal startup, where your expertise in NLP will revolutionize document processing, driving unmatched value in an untapped and rapidly expanding market.

Work condition: Long-time partnership (1+ year contract with an option for extension), part-time, fully remote.

The product is an AI Startup focused on the legal space. The user target group is Legal Space, to be exact it is lawyers and legal departments of large companies. We’re going to be reading in legal and medical documents, summarizing and extracting information from them along with providing various facilities to search the data.

* Collaborate with a dedicated design and development team exclusively for integrations.
* Organize roadmaps and backlogs independently, considering development strategy and real customer requests.
* Plan release cycles and ensure timely delivery.
* Define and communicate the product vision, strategy, and goals for integration projects.
* Conduct market research and competitor analysis to inform product development decisions.
* Establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, both internal and external.
* Analyze and interpret user data and feedback to drive continuous improvement of integration features.
* Lead cross-functional teams, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

Required Skills:
* Minimum 5 years of experience as a Product Manager/Senior Product Manager
* Expertise in Legal domain OR managing an AI product
* Proven experience working independently with a development team
* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with a data-driven approach
* Excellent communication and leadership skills
* Ability to translate complex technical concepts into clear and concise terms for various stakeholders
* Upper-intermediate English

Skills Considered a Plus:
* Experience with Productboard

Work conditions:
* Distributed team: REMOTE work.
* Part-time (20 hours per week).
* Flexible schedule, with some hours fixed between 4-8 pm Kyiv time for communication
* Official contract: salary, sick leave days, holidays, vacations.
* Friendly and fun team environment, with supportive management.
* Competitive salary in USD.

Hiring process:
* Step 1 preliminary interview (main questions) 30-45 mins
* Step 2 internal tech interview (tech questions) up to 60 mins
* Step 3 tech interview with team leader and architect up to 60 mins

US Company is searching for a Senior Data Scientist.
Join us at our pioneering AI legal startup, where your expertise in NLP will revolutionize document processing, driving unmatched value in an untapped and rapidly expanding market.

What we offer :: Long-time partnership (1+ year contract with an option for extension), full-time, fully remote.

The product is an AI Startup focused on the legal space. The user target group is Legal Space, to be exact it is lawyers and legal departments of large companies. We’re going to be reading in legal and medical documents, summarizing and extracting information from them along with providing various facilities to search the data.

* Implement NLP pipelines for data extraction, text summarization, document classification, etc. using available NLP libraries and prompt engineering (Azure OpenAI).
* Develop custom NLP solutions by training or fine-tuning ML models on language data.
* Lead the labelling of medical and legal data.
* Implement and maintain the NLP service component to process documents in production.
* Have to be willing to speak up and tell what you think. We need someone who is willing to push back on us.
* A pain point is that we’re in basically uncharted waters in AI with some of the information we’re consuming so we need to be willing to do R&D and do it quickly.

Required Skills:
* Overall Data science experience (5+ years)
* Proficiency with Python and Microservices
* Proficiency with NLP, and AI experience
* Must have some cloud experience and be able to apply cloud solutions and services
* Proficiency with Github OR Azure DevOps
* Upper-intermediate English
* Scrum basics

Skills Considered a Plus:
* Experience in the Legal domain
* Azure experience
* Azure DevOps

Work conditions:
* Distributed team: REMOTE work.
* Full-time (40 hours per week).
* Flexible schedule, with some hours fixed between 4-8 pm Kyiv time for communication
* Official contract: salary, sick leave days, holidays, vacations.
* Friendly and fun team environment, with supportive management.
* Competitive salary in USD.

Hiring process:
* Step 1 – preliminary interview (main questions) – 30-45 mins
* Step 2 – internal tech interview (tech questions) – up to 60 mins
* Step 3 – tech interview with team leader and architect – up to 60 mins

US Company is searching for a DevOps engineer to join our team.
Long-time partnership (1+ year contract with an option for extension), full-time, fully remote.
The product is a supply chain solution run as a SaaS web application hosted in Azure.

* Support of existing and development of new infrastructure
* Support of the database (backup/restore/cope etc) (PostgerSQL)
* Optimize development and deployment processes, and ensure scalability, reliability, and security of the environments.
* Diagnosing, troubleshooting, investigating, and identifying solutions to resolve system issues
* Assess and select hosting and deployment technologies, and infrastructure elements
* Analyze requirements, suggest concepts, and assess DevOps efforts.
* Document technical knowledge in the form of notes and manuals
* Support Dev/QA teams

Required Skills:
* 5+ years of DevOps experience
* Proficiency in managing infrastructure on Azure, including virtual machines, networks, and storage
* Proficiency in Kubernetes
* Proficiency in Terraform for infrastructure provisioning and management
* Proficiency with setting up and configuring IaaC
* Experience with building and managing CI/CD pipelines
* Upper-intermediate English proficiency.

Skills Considered a Plus:
* Experience with Heroku
* Provifiecy with Python/React development

Work conditions:
* Distributed team: REMOTE work.
* Full-time (40 hours per week).
* Flexible schedule, with some hours fixed between 4-8 pm Kyiv time for communication
* Official contract: salary, sick leave days, holidays, vacations.
* Friendly and fun team environment, with supportive management.
* Competitive salary in USD.

Hiring process:
* Step 1 – preliminary interview (main questions) – 30-45 mins
* Step 2 – internal tech interview (tech questions) – up to 60 mins
* Step 3 – tech interview with team leader and architect – up to 60 mins

US Company is searching for a Senior Python Developer preferably with front-end JavaScript/React skills to join our team.
Long-time partnership (1+ year contract with an option for extension), full-time, fully remote.
The product is a supply chain solution run as a SaaS web application hosted in Azure.

* Back-end development of the functionality, services, and applications in Python
* Improve software quality by addressing issues identified by QA or customers 
* Develop infrastructure and APIs to support custom projects
* Develop and design generic, secure & scalable RESTful services and APIs
* Refactor modules to address the most relevant weak spots.
* Analyze requirements, suggest concepts, and assess development efforts.
* Assess and select Python technologies, components, frameworks, and infrastructure elements
* White box testing and development of unit tests
* Technical system documentation (source code documentation, external documentation, bug-tracking system, etc.)

Required Skills:
* Experience in developing Python backend components (5+ years)
* Proficiency with Django, Celery, and SQLAlchemy.
* Proficiency with PostgreSQL database
* Experience in building cloud applications (3+ years)
* Knowledge of best practices in back-end architecture, including performance, security, and scalability
* Upper-intermediate English
* Scrum basics

Skills Considered a Plus:
* Domain expertise in supply chain
* Experience with JavaScript and React
* Azure and Azure DevOps experience

Work conditions:
* Distributed team: REMOTE work.
* Full-time (40 hours per week).
* Flexible schedule, with some hours fixed between 4-8 pm Kyiv time for communication
* Official contract: salary, sick leave days, holidays, vacations.
* Friendly and fun team environment, with supportive management.
* Competitive salary in USD.

Hiring process:
* Step 1 – preliminary interview (main questions) – 30-45 mins
* Step 2 – internal tech interview (tech questions) – up to 60 mins
* Step 3 – tech interview with team leader and architect – up to 60 mins

I. Project Overview
Skilled and experienced SysOps professional staff as a team member to address the job responsibilities listed below.  Work is with the private and public cloud infrastructure and application support for a well-known SaaS product – a large-scale distributed marketing platform

II. Job Responsibilities
* Taking ownership on tickets and tasks assigned
* Diagnosing, troubleshooting, investigating, and identifying solutions to resolve system issues
* Asking targeted questions to quickly understand the root cause of the problem
* Track system issues through to resolution, within agreed SLA
* Providing support through a series of actions, email or chat, until they’ve solved a technical issue
* Properly escalate unresolved issues to appropriate internal teams
* Provide prompt and accurate feedback
* Prioritize and manage several open issues at one time
* Follow up to ensure their IT systems are fully functional after troubleshooting
* Prepare accurate and timely reports
* Document technical knowledge in the form of notes and manuals
* Support of existing and development of new infrastructure (Nutanix, AWS, Bare metal)
* Support of existing application and customized client modules.
* Support and updating (developing) monitoring/alerting system (PagerDuty, Zabbix, etc.)
* Support and development log collecting/analyzing system
* Support all database servers (backup/restore/cope etc) (MSSQL)
* Running and maintaining CI/CD procedures when needed
* Support, develop, and monitoring all network infrastructure on the project (Load Balancers, VPN servers, Application Gateways)
* Support Dev/QA teams

III. Required Skills
* 5+ years of SysAdmin, SysOps experience
* Excellent Knowledge of Windows Servers – administration/configuration
* Proficiency in managing infrastructure on AWS, including virtual machines, networks, and storage
* MS SQL Database – administration/configuration/SQL development
* Solid understanding of XML, JSON, HTML
* Understanding of CI/CD
* Experience working with HighLoad systems
* Experience working with WEB-servers – administration/configuration (IIS)
* Intermediate speacking, Upper-intermediate writing English

IV. Nice to Have Skills
* Experience with XSLT transformations
* Experience in programming using script languages (PowerShell)
* Experience with SSO configuring

V. Work Conditions
* Full-time involvement
* 6-day per week work schedule
* 5-5.5 hours starting from 6am or 9-10am on weekdays (Mon-Fri) Kyiv time
* 8 hours being on duty from 6am till 2pm (Saturday OR Sunday) Kyiv time
* 136 work hours paid vacation per year
* 40 work hours paid sick leave per year
* Friendly and fun team environment, with supportive management.
* Competitive salary in USD.

VI. Hiring Process
* Introductory interview (approx. 30-45 minutes).
* Technical interview (approx. 60 minutes).
* Technical interview with client (approx. 45-60 minutes).

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    123 N. Post Oak Lane, Suite 450 | Houston, Texas 77024, USA | Ph:+1 (713) 980 9817 LinkedIn


    123 N. Post Oak Lane, Suite 450
    Houston, Texas 77024, USA
    Ph: +1 (713) 980 9817

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